Stem Cell Therapy Cream Review

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Trial Period 30 days
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Finally, a newly discovered secret to rejuvenating aging skin. At least that’s what Biologic  Solutions claims their Stem Cell Therapy cream can do. In as little as 30 days, this cream  purports to give you younger looking skin.

What Is Skin Cell Therapy?

Evolved as a result of a radical breakthrough based on stem cell research, Stem Cell Therapy is  supposed to be the ultimate solution to your aging skin problems. The cream works with your own  natural stem cells to increase new cell production. This new cell activation leads to an increase  in collagen production and elastin synthesis, leading to a reduction in wrinkles and lines as well  as an actual increase in fresh new skin.

Does Stem Cell Therapy Really Work?

Stem cells are a somewhat controversial subject. They typically center on topics such as  Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, cancer and spinal cord injuries. They are not, as a rule, focused on  wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Though most stem cell therapies are still in their infancy, a small number of plastic surgeons  across the country are already offering so-called stem cell face-lifts — cosmetic procedures that  use a person’s own stem cells to supposedly bring new life to aging, sagging skin. Biologic  Solutions claims their topical cream will deliver similar results.

Biologic asserts that stem cells, which naturally exist in your skin, are capable of preventing  damage to the skin by repairing damage to the skin cells which are responsible for natural aging.  This has the effect of stopping further skin damage from occurring while also healing damage that  has already occurred.

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The Active Ingredients

Stem Cell Therapy uses a number of key active ingredients that boost collagen production — the  substance responsible for plumping the skin — while increasing the uptake of oxygen, essential to  all cells in the body. These include:

  • Ergothioneine – an antioxidant amino acid that occurs naturally in the body and is found in high  concentrations around cells that are subjected to free radical damage.
  • Hydrogenated Lecithin – a natural emulsifying agent and one of the most important components of  cells.
  • Glucosamine – assists in maintaining the elasticity and integrity of the connective tissue.

Also included are vitamin C and a couple of seaweeds. Laminaria digitata, or Atlantic kelp, is  added to provide moisturizing/hydrating properties.

Stem Cell Therapy Advantages

  • Reactivates the actual stem cells and encourages skin cell creation.
  • Offers you a healthy rise in collagen development by nearly 80%.
  • Provides a boost in elastin synthesis by nearly 61%.
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles by over 50% in a mere 4 weeks!
  • Elevates cell production in your system.
  • Includes a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Stem Cell Therapy Drawbacks

  • Limited evidence on use of stem cells as an anti-aging agent.
  • No full list of ingredients listed on product website.
  • No evidence of clinical trials or testimonials.

What Others Are Saying

There are not many user reviews available online. Those that I did find expressed doubt as to the  viability of stem cells as an anti-aging agent. Others complained of auto enrollment in the Stem  cell Replenishment Program (which is clearly noted at the bottom of the website.)

The Bottom Line

Most anti-aging creams work through actual scientific findings which are measurable. Some creams  work by applying a form of Vitamin A into the skin. Other anti-aging creams (some of the most  expensive topical creams) work by repairing skin damage at the cellular level. This would include  product types like Idebenone, Peptides, or Coenzyme Q10.

This cream, however, is a bit of a mystery because it appears to claim that it both works by  halting damage and by repairing damage. Without knowing more, it’s hard to make any definitive  statement regarding the effectiveness of Stem Cell Therapy. But, with the inroads stem cells are  making into anti-aging coupled with the risk-free trial (30 days), Stem Cell Therapy cream is at  least worth a try.

Where To Buy Stem Cell Therapy

Currently, you can buy one jar of Stem Cell Therapy and get one free for only $49.95 plus shipping  and handling ($4.95) at the official website. With your order, you’ll also be enrolled in the Stem  Cell Replenishment Program, which sends you a fresh supply of Stem Cell Therapy every 30 days.  This can be cancelled at any time.

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