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Got eye puffiness? Well, now you can wake up to perfectly refreshed eyes with an incredibly soothing, anti-puffiness eye gel. Blended with calming Calendula and Cucumber, Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel provides an instant revitalizing effect to fatigued or irritated eyes. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines as the intensely hydrating humectants plump up, firm and smooth the delicate eye area.

What Is Ole Henriksen Eye Gel?

Suitable for all skin types, Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift is a specially-formulated eye gel that gives your eyes the lift that will take years away from your face. It comes in an icy blue gel that feels smooth and refreshing when applied.

Does It Really Work?

Ole Henriksen Eye Gel was recently featured in People Magazine when Kate Gosselin (the woman with the sextuplets and twins) called this eye gel her “Botox in a jar.” This gel supposedly makes her look younger around the eyes without the need for Botox or other cosmetic procedures. Her claim was so compelling that she had women scrambling to get a jar for themselves. But just because Gosselin swears by it, does that mean it really works?

Whether you believe Gosselin or not (Hollywood stars never seem to reveal all of their beauty secrets), the Ultimate Lift Eye Gel is well-known and always on the top of beauty editor’s “best products” lists and the ingredients are proven to effectively combat eye puffiness and wrinkles. While there is no one cream that works for all, this one has a high likelihood of working for most.

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The Active Ingredients

Ole Ultimate Lift Eye Gel has four active ingredients which help make the skin around your eyes soft, smooth, clear, and glowing. The ingredients are:

  • Cucumber Extract: Tightens pores and offers decongesting properties.
  • Calendula Extract: Lightly energizes skin and creates a softer texture.
  • Eyebright Extract: Revitalizes and soothes tired eyes.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Binds moisture to the skin.

These four natural ingredients are combined to reduce the puffiness below your eyes, to remove the dark circles around your eyes, and to lift dull, sagging skin. Best of all, Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel is fragrance-free and does not include ingredients such as paraben, sulfate, petrochemicals, and phthalates so that your skin does not get irritated or dry.

It’s What’s Best When You Rest

To use the eye gel, you gently apply under the eyes and on the eyelids, extending toward the temples. Although it works better when applied at bedtime because it heals your skin while you sleep, it can also be applied in the morning. Some users suggest storing it in the fridge because the chill is a bonus for great effects on the eye area!

What Others Are Saying

The average user rating for this product is 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon and the Ole Henriksen site itself.  Reviewers found the Ultimate Lift Eye Gel to be refreshing and plump up the eye area so wrinkles appear to be filled in.

Here are some recent comments:

“OMG! My friend had been using this for a couple of weeks and she looked amazing so I ordered it and have been using it ever since. Seriously, now people are asking me what I’m using. I can’t wait to try their other products.” – Cindy, www.olehenriksen.com

“It’s been a month since I began using this product and I THINK I’ve noticed some real difference. I didn’t have a lot of lines around the eyes to begin with but what I did have seemed to have softened. I intend to re-order when the time comes. The price is “right” on this gel and there just might be something to it! I would recommend.” – Barbara Spellman, www.amazon.com

“After spending hundreds of dollars on all of the expensive eye creams and gels, I was about to give up. None of them truly get rid of my dark circles. I picked this up because it was so inexpensive and could not believe my eyes when I woke up the next morning! The fine lines were gone and I forgot to wear under eye conceale…r! I am truly shocked!” – mbguinn, www.totalbeauty.com

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Some users have reported the gel to be “sticky” to the touch while others report a bit of a burning sensation.

The Bottom Line

Eye puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines can appear without warning. Arm yourself with a great defense against these signs of aging with Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel. As reported by some users, it works in as little as one night.

Where To Buy Ole Henrikson Ultimate Lift Eye Gel

The retail price for Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel is $38. However, you can save six to eight percent (6%-8%) by purchasing on Amazon, which currently has the best deal among online merchants.

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