Lift SP Multi-Peptitde Youth Serum Review

Lift SPLift SP Multi-Peptitde Youth Serum is known as an instant face lift in a bottle with no harmful side effects. Developed by Dr. Steven Jepson MD, an aesthetic skin care specialist, Lift SP is the latest breakthrough in non-surgical wrinkle reducing technology in a bottle.

Product: Lift SP Multi-Peptitde Youth Serum
Manufacturer: Skin Perfection, LLC
Trial Period: FREE 12-day trial. You pay only 4.95 S&H.
Price: $79.90 for monthly supply
Guarantee: 30 Day Risk Free Satisfaction Guarantee

Product Description

Lift SP is designed to progressively improve the ravages of time by increasing cell production and improving wrinkle depth, volume and roughness. The serum penetrates the skin and produces collagen growth.

With six of the most highly potent peptides currently available on the market to address the affects of aging on the skin, Lift SP Multi-Peptide Youth Serum gives you younger skin with fewer wrinkles. It also provides greater collagen and elastin production while repairing aging skin. It’s an instant face lift while your face is repairing itself.

Active Ingredients

The active ingredients in Lift SP include:

  • Argirilene (Hexapeptide-3) – Reduces wrinkle depth and relaxes facial tension.
  • Leuphasyl – Modulates muscle contraction, especially beneficial to wrinkles in the eye and forehead areas.
  • Octapeptide – Extends and lengthens the muscle.
  • Matrixly 3000 – Leads to synthesis of new collagen and increases elastin while repairing the skin.
  • Tripeptide – Smooths lines in the wrinkle prone areas.
  • Sea Weed Extract – the main ingredient in Lift SP that helps tighten and lift the skin.


For visible results, it is recommended that you use Lift SP on your wrinkle prone areas twice daily. Apply to clean skin morning and night.

Lift SP Multi-Peptitde Youth Serum Success Stories

“Lift SP is simply the best product that I have used on my face yet! This stuff really works.”

“Lift SP is my very own fountain of youth, I have wrinkles on my forehead and around my eyes which are completely erased with your product.”

“Every woman should try this. This is a product that I absolutely love. This is what women of all ages have been waiting for!”

Lift SP Pros:

  • Instant results.
  • Helps firm your skin.
  • An alternative to invasive procedures like botox injections and plastic surgery.
  • Contains healthy and all natural ingredients.
  • Irritant free.

Lift SP Cons:

  • Short trial period.
  • May not produce lasting, long-term results.

The Bottom Line:

Lift SP is an oil-free serum that is promoted as an alternative to Botox, as it will smooth out wrinkles within seconds after application. It is proven to be able to last up to eight hours with no harmful side effects. It is perfect for crow’s feet, furrowed brows, the neck and the mouth area.

Average Consumer Rating: none currently available

Where to buy: Please make sure to read their terms and conditions prior to starting their trial offer. Specifically, “. . .Prior to the expiration of the 12-day trial period, You may cancel Your subscription by calling toll-free at 1-866-897-2464 or online at , or by writing to LiftSP, LiftSP PO Box 1158 Pleasant Grove, UT 84062. Should You fail to cancel Your Subscription within the 12 day trial, You will be billed $79.95. . .”

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  1. I acually thought LIFT SP MULTI-PEPTIDE YOUTH SERUM repaires the skin & now I find out it only last 8 hrs !!!!

  2. The company offers you a “free trial” for only the cost of shipping and then enters you into a membership. If you don’t call to cancel it they send you the product on a monthly basis and charge your credit card the full amount. I guess they have another definition for the word “free.”

  3. alice Heckert says:

    The product is not making an difference, just seems to dry my skin out more. I want to cancel, but they are not answering the phones. I really want morre of a result before investing anymore money in this. alice

  4. @ Alice Heckert

    Per the Lift SP website, “You may cancel Your subscription by calling toll-free at 1-866-897-2464 or by writing to LiftSP, LiftSP PO Box 1158 Pleasant Grove, UT 84062.” Hope this helps.

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