How to Minimize Panda Eyes

One’s age, lack of sleep, poor diet, busy lifestyle, and genetic predisposition, are common causes of panda eyes, or dark circles under the eyes. Because the skin under our eyes is thin, it is at a higher risk of damage from products such as makeup and harsh environmental substances. Fortunately, there are things that one can do to minimize panda eyes.

1. Implementing a healthy lifestyle is one way of minimizing panda eyes. Exercising regularly, drink lots of water (8 glasses a day), eating a healthy diet that includes fruit and vegetables, and getting 7 – 8 hours of sleep a night, will help improve the health of the skin and reduce panda eyes.

2. Quality organic eye creams are important to reducing panda eyes. These eye creams will nourish and hydrate the skin, while nourishing the skin with much needed vitamins and minerals. They not only reduce dark circles but help to reduce puffiness around the eyes. As well, there are eye creams for specific skin types such as dry skin, oily skin…etc.

3. Organic moisturizers are also an effective way to reduce panda eyes. These moisturizers penetrate the skin and nourish it with vitamins and minerals to leave it smooth, soft, and healthy. These moisturizers also hydrate the skin which is essential to promoting good skin health. Massaging it into the skin also helps improve circulation, delivering essential nutrients and oxygen needed to heal and rejuvenate the skin. They help reduce the signs of skin aging, dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, and sun damage.

4. Wearing sunglasses will minimize panda eyes. The sun can darken the skin around the eyes by increasing melanin levels. Wearing sunglasses with a high SPF factor can eliminate damage to skin caused by the sun.

5. Eye concealers are effective at covering panda eyes. There are various shades to match your skin type. Applying the concealer will cover the dark circles and make them less visible. Make sure you do not apply too much concealer as it will only make your eyes stand out in an unnatural way.

6. There are surgical methods to minimize panda eyes, but they are expensive. Although it is effective, one has to be aware of the side effects.

7. There are specific facials that can be used to reduce dark circles. There is a special hot eye wax which increases circulation and reduces panda eyes. This hot wax treatment cleans out the toxins, bacteria, and debris from the skin. The skin is nourished and the skin’s elasticity is restored which helps reduce dark circles under the eyes.

8. One can use natural homemade eye treatments to treat panda eyes. This can include laying cucumber slices over the eyes or laying tea bags over the eyes.

Because our skin is susceptible to so many irritants that can cause damage, protecting the skin has become a normal part of our daily care routine. When trying to minimize panda eyes, the key is to repair, restore, revitalize, and apply nourishing and protective eye skin care products that are all-natural.

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