Quick Tip: How To Identify An Effective Eye Cream

Most eye creams offer solutions to: 1) wrinkles, under eye bags and puffiness; and 2) dark circles. When shopping for an eye cream, focus on your most prominent eye problem and then look for creams with active ingredients that target that issue. The most concentrated ingredients are listed first. Pick creams that have large amounts of the ingredients you need. If the active ingredient you are looking for falls near the end of the list, it may not be very successful in yielding desired effects because this means it is present in low concentration.

For high levels of active ingredients that tend to yield noticeable results, consider physician grade products that target your problem area. Some noteworthy offerings may be found from Kinerase, Murad, Obagi, MD Skincare, N.V. Perricone, and Dr. Brandt. Visit the SkinStore for a complete lisiting of products from these lines.


  1. I would recommend Gaba med. They offer a free trial of cream which works immediately. Great alternative to botox.

  2. Great website. You really have a lot of information here. I like how you talk about the active ingredients. The other commenter mentioned Gaba. I am hearing a lot about that these days. However, none of the Wrinkle Cream Reviews on my website have this ingredient. Who has it?

  3. wow, this is really helpful, i always have a hard time trying to locate the best under eye cream, but after reading about the importance of the incredients, that’s given me a good idea of what I should really look for.

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