Aging Skin At A Glance

Aging SkinLike everything else on our body, our skin gradually begins to age as we get older. So what do we have to look forward to? Have a glance below.


In the third decade of life, we start to see the first signs that we have truly left our childhood years behind. That’s when certain effects start showing up more, like puffiness under the eyes. Although they can start as early as our 20s, expression lines also begin to appear around the eyes usually due to sun exposure.Luckily, you can slow it all down by protecting yourself from further bombardment by the sun with sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat. This is also a good time to incorporate an antiaging product, like retinol, into your skincare regimen to boost your collagen reserves. You might also consider microdermabrasion, peels and photo-rejuvenation.


In your 40s, expect to see further loss of elasticity in the skin. Any areas that experience a lot of movement, such as the eyes, will start to exhibit more wrinkling. Botox injections or topical treatments have been known to repair collagen degeneration and reduce eye wrinkles.

50s and Beyond

The changes you experience in your 30s and 40s become more magnified as you reach 50 and beyond. The loss of collagen and fat makes the face sag and even the bony structure of the face starts to go. Deep wrinkles become more apparent due to sun exposure, health habits and age. At this stage in life, treatment options may include collagen and laser resurfacing.

Although it might be disheartening to realize how everything seems to disintegrate as we age, that should not be how we perceive age. Age is nothing but a number. What that number actually looks like in the mirror is in your control.

What steps are you taking to control father time?

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